Sunday, December 28, 2014

Busan, South Korea

Salam, Hi and Annyeong.

Busan is so "Bosan". HAHAHA. Okay no seriously,not much there or maybe expected too much bout Busan. Went to Busan 2 weeks before the ending of Level 2 class with students from Semyung University. The first time we met were during "Hope for All" program and they said didn't expect me to say "YES,I want to join!" because we barely knew each other. Actually I'm also surprised that I said that. I'm usually a shy girl when meeting with first time but in Korea,I decided to be a brave girl whenever I saw Malaysian. You know that happy feeling because you meet your people in a foreign country. I'm weird. HAHA.

Went to their place at Jechon by bus and it tooks me about 2hours and then we continue our journey to Busan by KTX (sort of like a bullet train), Korean railroad. And it tooks us about 5hour and of course what we did was sleep along the trip. My favorite things to do in transportation. HAHAHA. 

First thing we did as soon we arrive Busan was, prepared to perform Fajr Salah at the station and as soon we done with Salah, we move right away to Haeundae Beach to watch sunrise. And the view was outstanding!. It is so breathtaking. All of us can't stop praising Allah for the beautiful view He showed us. Nature is indeed a very beautiful and mesmerizing thing. 

The Sunrise at Haeundae Beach,  you should witness it by your eyes. It is so breathtaking :')

After check in to 24Guesthouse, we continue our journey around Busan. Day 1, we went to Busan Tower, Busan Mosque and Taejongdae. And uh, along the journey, we used subway and bus as our main transportation. And some of the place were placed to far from each other and we ended up sleeping through the journey xD. And for second day we went to Gamcheon Village and some temple. I didnt go to the temple as I need to go back to Seoul first. 

Busan Tower

 Yup, tertido smpai 180 degree kepala pusing. kawan cakap laaa.

 Busan Central Mosque
Taejongdae. The view here is also pretty. We took shuttle bus to go around Taejongdae but we didnt stop as we were rushing to go to other place.

Gamcheon Village. It is sooo beautiful up there people. We spent about... 1hr up there taking the same pictures.
Until we feel hungry. We just too lazy to move to other location and were so happy when we were moving for Lunch. 

If you come to Busan, one thing you must try is their seafood. YES SEAFOOOOOD. It is a seafood heaven here in Busan. Plus the prices are cheaper than Seoul, and the Ajumma and Ajushi are so nice that they gave us moorreee as service. I love you people. We ate these seafood at Jalgachi Market. The seafood were all so fresh! Since the market is nearby with beach, the seafood are so fresh and delicious. We can choose which meat we want and at that time they were still alive. 

I prefer lobster than the King Crab because it has more meat and fat!. I love fat meat. haha. And uh, not so expensive, maybe because we divided for 10 people? kekeke. If you want to try, you should bring more friend so you can pay less. You get what I mean? No? Oke. Duh. 

Maybe there's still lots of things to do in Busan. Maybe hiking a mountain? But since we were lack of time, we only been to famous place and for each place we only spend a little time. Only when meals we spent lots of time. Oh man, I love the seafoood. 

The holiday with these students kind off change a bit of my way of thinking.
Through the holiday, they will make a game, motivated us.
And some of them debate. And when they debate, they will use word from Sunnah or pick up some ayah from AlQuran.
These ladies are amazing. I wish I can change and become good like them.
Hope to meet them again.

I dont know why I'm so happy meeting with Malaysia in Korea.

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